Proposals for the use of the telescopes for scientific and applied (commercial) tasks can be submitted with the application template. The applications have to be electronically submitted to the director of Engineering research Institute “Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center” of Ventspils University College (VUC ERI VIRAC). For the review and evaluation of the application, it has to be simultaneously sent to Vladislavs Bezrukovs and Juris Kalvāns. The respective e-mails are:

  • virac [at]
  • vladislavsb [at]
  • juris.kalvans [at]

Applications for long-term (more than one quarter) work series for the next calendar year have to be submitted until December 1 each year. The decision is announced to the submitters until December 20. Applications for short and medium term work series have to be submitted quarterly, each year until December 10, March 15, June 15, September 15. The decision is announced to the submitters within 10 working days.

Decisions on awarding or refusal of observational time are made by Radio Telescope Time Allocation Commission established by the Scientific Council of VIRAC. The decision of the Commission can be appealed to the VUC rector within 5 days since the announcement of the decision.

In accordance to the “Regulation for employment of VUC ERI VIRAC radio telescopes”, approved by VUC Senate in June 21, 2017, a fee is applied for radio telescope employment. The fee may depend on the set of VIRAC services necessary for the proposal – see price-list. Within the constraints of available budget funds, the cost can be fully or partially waived for the following scientific proposals (in priority sequence):

  1. observations and other resultative works necessary for the fulfillment of EVN, JIV-ERIC and other VUC international commitments;
  2. observations and other resultative works in projects funded by the European Union if the outcome is expected to be published in high-impact journals or/and the research is conducted by the scientific personnel of VUC;
  3. observations and other resultative works conducted or led by VUC ERI VIRAC employees, attracted experts, consultants if work is financed by state budget or/and Ventspils City Council by more than 50 % of the total amount;
  4. resultative works for projects and activities that ensure achieving VIRAC strategic aims, contribute new competence or widen international cooperation;
  5. observations and other resultative works for maintaining VUC study process;
  6. if observations are conducted in the regime of short- or long-base interferometry network, involving telescopes RT-32 and RT-16 simultaneously.

All data obtained in business-related observations are commercial secrets at least for a year but no longer than five years and they must not be disclosed to third persons without the consent of the Customer.