Radio telescope is a telescope for receiving and recording radio objects of cosmic objects. The radio telescope consists of an antenna and an emitter.



Radio locator is a device for detecting air, water and surface objects using radio signals transmitted in a certain direction and detected by reflection from these objects.

Excursions are not available from November until May

Tourist services – excursions in the Irbene complex

Activities includes in the excursion:

A walk around radio telescope RT-32 in the territory of Irbene
RT – 8 tower viewing and expositions about RT – 32 and RT – 16 during the USSR
Viewing the “old” RT – 16 antenna next to RT – 8
Walk through an underground tunnel

Tourist service tariffs:

Daytime tours

Adults 7 EUR
For children, accompanied by an adult, up to 7 years free, but from 7 to 18 years old 3 EUR
For students and pensioners (presenting a supporting document) 4 EUR
Families (2 Adults, 1 Child under 10) 12 EUR
For each additional child between the ages of 7 and 18, the family pays extra 2 EUR
Minimum pay per one excursion 20 EUR
For early (up to 3 days) unannounced excursion and in case of unscheduled guide call, group must pay extra 20 EUR

Nighttime tours

Adults 8 EUR
For students and pensioners (presenting a supporting document) 5 EUR
For a group of less than 10 people 60 EUR

Additional information

All prices include VAT.
Excursions around the Irbene complex area are only accompanied by a guide.

If you have decided to visit us send an e-mail to

or call and apply for an excursion by phone  +371 29230818

Rules to follow in the excursion:

  • Excursion time is about 1 till 1,5 hour.
  • Excursions are possible only with our guide.
  • Excursions happen after a prior set appointment.
  • An excursion takes place if tickets have been purchased for at least 20 EUR for a pre-applied excursion, but for unexpected excursions you have to pay additional fee (20 EUR).
  • Unplanned excursions are made by call (guide arrival time around 30-40 minutes) for additional fee – 20 EUR.
  • Visitors have to follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Visitors should switch their mobile phones and other devices that broadcast in the radio frequency range to “in flight mode”.

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