Radio telescope is a telescope for receiving and recording radio objects of cosmic objects. The radio telescope consists of an antenna and an emitter.



Radio locator is a device for detecting air, water and surface objects using radio signals transmitted in a certain direction and detected by reflection from these objects.

Excursions are not available from November until May

If you want to visit Ventspils International Radio

Astronomy Center as a tourist, we offer you:

  1. A walk around radio telescopes RT-32 and RT-16 in the territory of Irbene;
  2. View of RT-8 with the possibility to climb it upwards to view the expanses of Kurzeme;
  3. Hiking through the underground tunnel;
  4. Pārgājienu pa pazemes tuneli;
  5. F. Tsander’s memorial room in the “Crystal” building.

Tourist service tariffs at VIRAC:

  • Adults – 4 EUR per person;
  • Children (including student excursions, accompanied by adults) – 1,50 EUR per person;
  • Families (2 adults, 1 child up to 10 years) – 8 EUR;
  • For every next child under the age of 10, family have to pay additional 1 EUR;
  • The minimum fee for 1 excursion is 10 EUR (applied before);
  • The minimum fee for unplanned excursion is 30 EUR;
  • Additional fee – 10 EUR for unplanned excursion (less than 3 days before) that have not been pre-announced and approved by a representative of VIRAC.

If you have decided to visit us send an e-mail to

or call and apply for an excursion by phone  +371 29230818

Excursion rules:

  1. Excursions are possible only with our guide.
  2. Visitors have to follow the instructions of the staff.
  3. Excursions happen after a prior set appointment.
  4. An excursion takes place if tickets have been purchased for at least 10 EUR for a pre-applied excursion, but for unexpected excursions the minimum fee is 30 EUR.
  5. Excursion time is about 1 till 1,5 hour.
  6. When taking a walk, after a guide invitation, tourists have to leave their mobile phones and other devices that broadcast the signal within the range of radio waves in the Crystal building. They are given back after the tour ends.
  7. Unplanned excursions are made by call (guide arrival time around 30-40 minutes) for additional fee – 10 EUR by calling – +371 26413925.

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